Environment and Natural Resources


Carbon Tax:

British Columbia's economy needs a strong public transportation system, and regardless of the cost of gasoline, when the need to travel arises, be it the daily commute or the taking the kids for hockey practice, sometimes using the family car is the only option. Distressing as the high gasoline prices may be, this has never deterred people from using their cars, and as such we feel the carbon tax on gasoline is ineffective.

We understand the necessity of reducing emissions to maintain our air quality especially in our cities, and pledge to do all in our power to reduce the amount of pollutants we emit into our environment, and thus maintain our quality of life by maintaining the quality of our environment. We do not feel that taxing our citizens is the best way to achieve this, as the carbon tax policies of the current government seem to be merely penalizing drivers. We pledge to revisit these policies, with a view to creating an effective incentive to reduce the number of petroleum-fueled vehicles on our roads.