Stronger Family Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the BC Action Party is to form a socially progressive and fiscally responsible government that promotes individual achievement, personal responsibility and social development. The BC Action Party believes that the government of British Columbia must listen to all British Columbians and must be accountable for its actions. It must be a leader in pursuing innovation while maintaining the diversity of our people.


We need your help & support, and urge you to take action now. Join us, volunteer and become active in your local ridings.

A new way of governing

BC LegislatureWe believe that representative governments for the people should serve the people, and will never lose sight of that. The BC Action Party is and will be committed to the electorate of BC to govern with honesty and integrity; and at all times without evasiveness. We believe in transparent and efficient government.

This is your party

Canada Day in SurreyThe BC Action Party was formed by people like you, with a vision of a better future in British Columbia. The BC Action Party is a party created by British Columbians for British Columbians. This is YOUR party and we invite you to join us and collaborate with us so we can plan our future together.

Better qualified to govern

Qualified to leadThe BC Action Party firmly believes that it takes professionals in every walk of life to form effective government. We have in our midst many proven business people, lawyers, MBA’s, young graduates and retired professionals. All these people share a common vision of a responsible, ethical and efficient government that we will have as we embark on a journey of working together.